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  • 26 October 2018

    With the adoption, on 22 October, of the National Action Plan by the Council of Ministers, Poland joined the group of nearly 80 countries that have action plans to implement provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and related instruments.

    The National Action Plan to implement the UN agenda on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) 2018–2021 was drawn up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of the Interior and Administration, and the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment. It sets out the conceptual framework for Poland's implementation of the eight UN Security Council resolutions on women, peace, and security. The Plan's thrust is the need to increase women's participation in peace processes, peace-keeping missions and operations; the need to strengthen their role in decision-making processes related to ensuring peace, and the need to protect and support women and children in conflict and in post-conflict settings.


    The Action Plan sets out four major outcomes. The first one involves meaningful participation of women in conflict prevention and peacekeeping. The second is about the implementation of the WPS agenda through Polish humanitarian and development aid. The next two outcomes include the protection and support of victims of gender-based and sexual violence in conflict; and the promotion and development of the WPS agenda in Poland and in the framework of international cooperation.


    The outcomes of the National Action Plan will be implemented in 18 areas, including participation of women in missions and operations abroad; women in uniformed services and in the foreign service; support for victims of sexual violence in conflict; training on the WPS agenda; and measures intended to engage Polish scientists and students.


    The draft National Action Plan to implement the UN Women, Peace and Security Agenda 2018-2021 was submitted for public consultations. The implementation of activities set out in the document will be financed from the budgets of the relevant participating ministries.


    The WPS agenda encompasses the following areas: ensuring international peace and security, protection of human rights, development cooperation, and equal treatment policies. First actions plans to implement the agenda were adopted in 2005 and 2006 by Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


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    Polish NAP WPS 2018–2021

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