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  • 31 October 2018

    On Friday, October 26, at the UN headquarters in New York Poland organized an informal Security Council meeting (in the so-called Arria formula) devoted to the situation of children born out of sexual violence. This topic had never been discussed by the Security Council before.

    The meeting was chaired by ambassador Joanna Wronecka, Poland’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.  In her opening statement ambassador Wronecka stressed the importance of the issue under discussion. She pointed out that this includes not only the stigmatization of children born out of sexual violence, but also physical violence against them, limiting or denying their access to health and education services as well as depriving such children of their right to citizenship. The Polish ambassador also stressed that this phenomenon became a matter of peace and security, as marginalized children are often recruited by armed groups and criminal groups.



    Poland invited a number of distinguished panelists to participate in the meeting, including, among others, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on sexual violence in conflicts, Pramila Patten, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, Omar Abdi, as well as the Permanent Representatives of Iraq and Bangladesh. The participants also had an opportunity to hear especially valuable remarks by civil society representatives: Evelyn Almony from Uganda, Betty Sunday Ben Kute from South Sudan and Charo Mina-Rojas from Colombia. In the course of Friday’s discussion the panelists quoted a number of examples to illustrate specific actions aimed at supporting women and their children born out of sexual violence. The choice of panelists itself allowed to show that the problem of stigmatization and exclusion of children born out of sexual violence had become a global phenomenon.



    Following the briefers’ statements other Security Council members took the floor to present their remarks. It is worth noting that some delegations were represented at a high ministerial level, including Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs – Margot Wallström and Secretary of State in the Netherlands’ MFA – Yoka Brandt. The Arria formula also allowed for a wider participation of other interested UN member states.


    The meeting attracted significant interest among UN member states. What the attending delegations particularly appreciated was the fact that Poland had initiated a discussion on a subject that had not been included in the Security Council works before. By organizing another high-level meeting to discuss children-related issues Poland consolidated its position as one of the leading countries on this subject in the Security Council.


    Permanent Mission of Poland to the UN in New York


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